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Sep 222017

On 18 September 2017, the proposed submission Local Plan was considered by Wycombe District Council Cabinet. They agreed that the Local Plan should be recommended for statutory consultation and then be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate/Government for Examination.

On the Cabinet’s recommendation, the Local Plan will now be taken forward to the next meeting of the full Council, which will take place on 9 October. Depending on the outcome of this decision, it is expected that the public consultation will take place. The consultation will run from 16 October to 27 November.

When we receive more information we will update this notice

A copy of the report to Cabinet and the Local Plan and update (‘supplement’) as considered by Cabinet on the page for the 18 September Cabinet is available on the WDC website (agenda item 4, appendix 2):

Evidence supporting the Local Plan may be viewed on the following page:

Sep 202017

Three district councils in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council are working collaboratively to increase food waste recycling. Households in Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe districts with a food recycling service will soon receive an information pack about the benefits of food recycling, including introductory rolls of plastic bags to line kitchen caddies. read more

At the same time, yellow stickers are being placed on rubbish bins to encourage residents to separate and recycle food waste.

The councils now accept food waste wrapped in plastic bags and newspaper. The idea is to make this service easy and convenient, by using bags you would find around the home. And, with weekly food waste collections food isn’t lingering in the rubbish bin for two weeks.

Recycling your food waste has two environmental benefits. Firstly the gases produced during reprocessing create energy. Secondly the residue from this process produces fertiliser used in agriculture.

This activity coincides with National Recycling Week 25th September – 1st October

The Fighting Food Waste project is fully funded by DCLG and managed by the Buckinghamshire Waste Partnership. The project aims to encourage residents to recycle as much of their unavoidable food waste as they can, and reduce as much avoidable food waste as possible.

for more information visit the Council websites:  




Aug 072017

Calling all Residents, please read the following articles in Village Voice: August & September.

The P&TGRS update on the Gomm Valley and Ashwell Development Brief on page 7, and the letter from worried Wheeler Ave and Carter Walk residents, on the possible widening of the top of Cock Lane, pages 32 & 33. All residents are encouraged to sign the epetition that will challenge the need to widen Cock Lane.

Jul 032017

News from Buckinghamshire County Council, 21 June 2017

Help us plan for tomorrow’s lorry traffic SURVEY to be completed by 6th July

Residents and businesses are being invited to help plan how to handle tomorrow’s rail and road freight in Buckinghamshire.

Heavy lorries make up between 10% and 20% of traffic on main routes through the county, and with a steady increase in freight forecast over the next decade, County Council transport planners want to prepare for the future.

They’re asking people to help them identify local problem areas, explore untapped opportunities, and pinpoint solutions. A ten-minute online snapshot survey will run for the next fortnight at to allow residents and businesses to feed into their thinking. The results will inform a draft strategy for full consultation later in the year.

Paul Irwin, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport said his team needs to chart how things have changed with the way freight is transported, as Buckinghamshire has developed in the past decade, and prepare a blueprint for freight for the future.

He said nearly a quarter of what comes into the county by lorry is what residents eat and drink. As the county grows, so will the volume of that essential goods traffic.

“Shopping on line has really taken off over the past decade and now accounts for 14% of what we buy,” said Paul. “In the next three or four years, that’s forecast to grow to around 22%, which will add to the number of delivery lorries driving around the county.

“We’re working with residents and businesses on this critical question now so they have an early opportunity to influence the development of a new strategy that will make freight work for Buckinghamshire without imposing inappropriate costs on them or our unique environment. We want to keep Buckinghamshire thriving and attractive.”

The survey is available in Buckinghamshire County Council’s website ‘have your say’ section at BCC HVG SURVEY

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