Apr 172017

Although it’s been a long wait, there is still no sign of a free school application being approved for the Penn School site anytime soon.

Just before Easter the Department for Education (DfE) announced the outcome of the review of free school applications under the national Wave 12 process.

You will know from previous updates that the Penn School Working Group has been reporting for several months that three applications were made to the DfE naming the former Penn School site as the preferred location for a new free school.

As part of the recent announcement, and specifically in relation to the Penn School site, the DfE made the following statement:
“The Education Skills and Funding Agency confirms that as no school that names the site has been approved in this wave they will be considering their options. This may mean holding onto the Penn site as it is a good location for a school or disposing of the site for other development. While it is physically possible to build a secondary on the site, they believe it is more suited to an alternative provision or special school”.

Details of the timing of and criteria for the next wave of free school applications will be confirmed following the publication of the Government White Paper in response to the Schools that Work for Everyone consultation.

The Penn School Working Group will monitor developments and do whatever it can to achieve a positive outcome for the village. It will also continue to regularly report on progress to residents in Village Voice and on the P&TGRS website.

18th April, 2017

Apr 082017

This spring we are organising our very own Village Springwatch.

We want your help to record the birds you see and hear. There are two parts to the plan – first the ‘official’ census of the species of birds on the Back Common and second the record of birds seen in the gardens of Penn & Tylers Green residents.

Spring birds on Back Common
A small group of residents started the Birdwatch count Sunday 16th April, noting many birds on the back Common. The next official walk will take place morning from 07:00 to 09:00 on May 14th, and then again on June 11th. We will start from the Tylers Green Village Hall and, under the leadership of Bill Sadler and two other experts, we will follow the tracks and paths around Back Common and keep notes on what we find. Please visit the Village Hall to view the results of the walk, these will be added to after each of the next two walks. You don’t need to be an expert at identifying birds to join us, but you may need to set your alarm clock! do join us, it was fun!

Spring birds in your garden
During the same period of time (April 16th to June 11th) we would like as many of you as possible to keep a record of the bird species you see in your garden. This doesn’t have to be done on a specific day or time and to make it easy we have developed a simple leaflet showing the birds commonly seen at this time of year, together with a form for recording what you see. You can download the form from the website [here] or pick one up at the Village Hall, Londis or JJs.

After June 11th we would like you to return your form to the Village Hall and we will produce a summary report on what we find for Village Voice.

The last census of spring birds on the Back Common was carried out by a group led by Eric Britnell back in 1986. Earlier ones took place in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We hope there will be sufficient interest and support to do this much more regularly in future in order to record trends in the species of local birds.

You really don’t need to know the difference between a blackcap and a linnet to get involved but if you have access to the internet you may like to check out common birds and their songs at www.british-birdsongs.uk or www.rspb.org.uk.

If you are a smartphone user there are lots of options but you may like to try two free apps – one is called ‘Birds of Britain’ and the other is called ‘Warblr’. The first is a reference work with links to the RSPB website. The second is an app that you use to record birdsong and it then tries to identify the bird species in real time.

So, please join us on one of the Sunday mornings and also keep your eyes peeled about what’s in your garden and fill in a form – it’s never been easier to join in and do something great!
the form will be available to download and print out, shortly.

Apr 052017

Please note the date in your diary, the Penn & Tylers Green Residents Society is holding our AGM and Reception on Friday 19th May at 7pm for 7.30pm

The proceedings will be opened by Chairman, Miles Green and we will be addressed by President, Earl Howe.
We are pleased to announce that Penelope Tollitt, Head of Sustainability & Development at Wycombe District Council is our Keynote Speaker.

Following the formal part of the meeting, please join us for drinks and snacks and the opportunity to meet the P&TGRS Board Members, and our invited guests including Keynote Speaker Penelope Tollitt, MPs Steve Baker and Cheryl Gillan, and our County, District and Parish Councillors.

More information is available published in Village Voice and on the website.

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