Jun 272017

The meeting had been requested by Penelope Tollitt (PT) Head of Planning and Sustainability at Wycombe District Council, to brief the Ashwells Forum on the current status of the Development Brief (DB). Representing the Forum were Miles Green, Gill Markham, Gerry King and Ken Cooke. The full report of the meeting and follow up notes is available report

It was agreed that the following list of topics would form an agenda for the meeting:

• Cock Lane/Spine Road
• Size of gap between Parcel 8 and Ashwells
• The Copse
• Density
• Hammersley Lane access to Parcel 1
• Traffic levels in P&TG
• Bus Routes
• Construction Traffic Access to Ashwells site
• Car Parking
• Green space in perpetuity

The Developmnent Brief will be considered for adoption at the 10 July meeting of the WDC Cabinet. This final version of the Brief will ‘go live’ on the Council website 5 days in advance of the Cabinet meeting.

It is not clear what the timetable will be for the presentation of planning applications. It is likely that the overall plan for the GVA reserve site is currently being reviewed by AVIVA as the new landowner, and although there have been expectations of an OPA being submitted for over a year, so far there has been no request for a Pre-application meeting. Proposals for the Ashwells site will be reviewed in-house with the property section of WDC (Charles Brocklehurst), but again there is no timetable for this.

the full report and response to this report from Penelope Tollitt is published in full in the Ashwells Development section of this website

Apr 172017

Although it’s been a long wait, there is still no sign of a free school application being approved for the Penn School site anytime soon.

Just before Easter the Department for Education (DfE) announced the outcome of the review of free school applications under the national Wave 12 process.

You will know from previous updates that the Penn School Working Group has been reporting for several months that three applications were made to the DfE naming the former Penn School site as the preferred location for a new free school.

As part of the recent announcement, and specifically in relation to the Penn School site, the DfE made the following statement:
“The Education Skills and Funding Agency confirms that as no school that names the site has been approved in this wave they will be considering their options. This may mean holding onto the Penn site as it is a good location for a school or disposing of the site for other development. While it is physically possible to build a secondary on the site, they believe it is more suited to an alternative provision or special school”.

Details of the timing of and criteria for the next wave of free school applications will be confirmed following the publication of the Government White Paper in response to the Schools that Work for Everyone consultation.

The Penn School Working Group will monitor developments and do whatever it can to achieve a positive outcome for the village. It will also continue to regularly report on progress to residents in Village Voice and on the P&TGRS website.

18th April, 2017

Jan 142017


In November 2016 the following comments agreed by the Ashwells Forum, which includes the PTG Residents Society, Chepping Wycombe Parish Council, County & District Councillors and neighbouring residents from Ashwells, Wheeler Avenue/Carter Walk, and Sandpits Lane, were submitted to Wycombe District Council as there were real concerns about the proposed development. The full document is available to read here. web-v-ashwells-development-proposals-18-nov-16

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Jan 062017

P&TGRS has submitted our full response to the Wycombe District Council Draft Local Plan.

The following is taken from the letter and it has been copied to all Local, District and County Councillors. All references in the letter refer to the WDC Draft Local Plan document.
DRAFT NEW WYCOMBE DISTRICT LOCAL PLAN – CONSULTATION‘It is important at the start to emphasise that we recognise three realities:

  1. that there is an urgent national need for housing;
  2. that WDC faces unrelenting pressure from Government and potential developers to build more houses,
  3. that WDC has to be able to justify the resulting Local Plan to a critical Inspectorate. more follows: webv-ptgrs-response-to-wdc-draft-local-plan-1-august-2016


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