Jan 132018

Although progress continues to be glacial, there are reasons to be cheerful about the future for the Penn School site as the Rayners School Education Trust (RSET) comes out of administration and Bucks County Council develops a vision for the future use of the site.

Taking the RSET point first, on January 8th there was an item on Three Counties Radio about what has happened to the money paid by the DfE to RSET for the Penn School site. It turns out that, now the administration process is complete and all the bills have been settled, there is just over £3m remaining which the Trustees will now have to decide what to do with. As a charity they are obliged to spend the money in accordance with their charitable objects which are “to advance the education and relief of people (in particular children and young adults) who suffer communication difficulties associated with hearing impairment, language impairment and autism”.

On the second point, Bucks CC is believed to be interested in using the Penn School site as a way of responding to a growing special educational need and to help mitigate the cost of pupils being educated out-of-county. Meetings have been taking place involving key stakeholder groups – specialist providers, parents and representatives from the local community – to shape how the site could be used.

Hopefully, things are on the move at last – stay tuned.



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