Jun 132017

We have had 3 successful walks on the Back Common, noting the birds we saw and heard. We recorded the data on the chart in the Village Hall. We are preparing a report that will be compared to the census data from earlier events, then will publish it in Village Voice.
If you have noted the birds visiting your garden over the last 3 months, please submit your records to the Village Hall and they will be added to the chart and overall census,
Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoyed participating in this project.
Spring birds on Back Common


Spring birds in your garden


The last census of spring birds on the Back Common was carried out by a group led by Eric Britnell back in 1986. Earlier ones took place in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We hope there will be sufficient interest and support to do this much more regularly in future in order to record trends in the species of local birds.

please see the leaflet and list to note your viewingsVillage 2017 Springwatch – leaflet

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