Planning and Conservation


 Planning & Conservation

PlanningThe Residents Society takes a keen interest in matters of planning and conservation within the local area. A specific sub-committee has been formed to make appropriate representation to the local authority in the comparatively few cases where an application is thought to damage the wider interests of the community.

Our contribution is based on the following aims: promote high standards of planning and architecture secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of historic, architectural or public interest secure protection, conservation and enhancement of wildlife and the countryside

Conservation Area

Penn and Tylers Green share a single, very large and varied Conservation Area which crosses the District boundary.  The combined area covers about 85 acres with some 329 properties, 50 of which are listed.  Penn is the more rural settlement, lying both within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Green Belt.   A detailed account of the Conservation Area, its houses and many of its main features can be found in the book Mansions and Mudhouses.

Conservation Area Map

Conservation Area

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